Check & Setup Voice Mail

  1. Dial *2 or press 'Envelope' button on your desk phone

  2. Enter the voicemail PIN to access your voicemail.  
    Note: The PIN should be the first four digits of your service street address, if the street address has between 1 and 3 digits you’re your default voice password would be followed by the number 0(s). Example: if you service street address is 22 Main Street your voice mail default password would be 2200, if your street address is 12345 Main Street for voice mail default password would be 1234.


- We strongly recommend changing your default password to a unique four-digit password that only you would have access to
- You can also check Voicemail via Email, if the 'Voicemail to Email' feature has been enabled on your extension. You can check this out if your voice mails are showing in your email inbox. If it is not showing up or you would like to enable this feature, please let us know at


Posted by: Future Digital 360 on 2021-03-31 01:35